Making Changes From the Inside Out

Play Therapy is a specialised approach that is effective in meaningfully addressing a wide range of childhood/adolescent emotional, behavioural, developmental and social presentations and concerns. It can provide a healthy way for your child to sort through and process their feelings in the therapeutic environment, be free to transform past experiences, and make sense of new ones.

At POINTed we believe that play is the language of children, and it is through play that they communicate their thoughts, feelings and experiences. Play Therapy is a developmentally appropriate, evidence-based treatment approach for use with children and adolescents. Play is the universal language for children and is critical to children's cognitive, socio-emotional, and motor skills development.

Play Therapists apply the use of theoretical models to establish an interpersonal process whereby they are trained to interrelate the therapeutic powers of play. Through these therapeutic powers, play therapy facilitates children and adolescents to make new connections, build healthy brains and bodies - increasing their sense of empowerment, emotional regulation insight and self-belief.

The 'therapeutic powers of play transcend culture, language, age and gender'. (O'Connor, K.J., Schaeffer, C.E., and Braverman, L. D., 2016, p. 35).