Guide for Families

For the purpose of the reader, the term parents are to include all those individuals who care for the young person and/or who are engaging with the play therapist as the child's guardian.

Person-centered play therapy meets children where they are at using play as a core element. When you meet with the play therapist you can expect to be guided through the various stages of parent consultation, from the intake session, emerging themes in the child's play to the final session. 

Working through problems alone can be a challenge. A play therapist can help understand the child's view in the playroom which is connected to how the child functions outside the playroom. Parent participation increases the likelihood of positive change for the child and family. The parent and the therapist work together to facilitate change as they develop skills of empathy, acceptance, understanding and curiosity.

Other resources and services are available to parents depending on their point of need. About Kids Health is a user-friendly website that may assist you when thinking about you and your family needs. It is also helpful for older children and teenagers to support them as well as getting a few tips on how to manage emotions, perceptions and/or feelings.

If you are simply looking for play resources for home the Darwin Toy Library has great play materials and or your local library may have a selection that suits you and your family.